Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz receives the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the third time for its promotion of equal opportunities for women and men

TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. honors JGU's exemplary and successful measures to promote equality


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) receives the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award 2011 for its exemplary measures to promote equality. The award is granted every three years and JGU received it already in 2005 and 2008. "We are delighted to be honored again with the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award which stands for the further development and improvement of existent and the implementation of new measures aiming at gender equality at JGU," says Silke Paul, Gender Equality Representative at Mainz University. "For more than two decades now, our university has provided targeted support for women in research and teaching," explains Professor Dr. Georg Krausch, President of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. "We see this continued success as a confirmation of the effectiveness of our concepts and measures to promote equal opportunities for women and men in the academic field." Support for women and equal opportunities is one of the main features of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and it is lived in day-to-day life. They are values anchored in the JGU Mission Statement, in the Mission Statement of the JGU Central Administration, in its Strategy Concept and, of course, in the Charter of the University.

In its explanatory statement, the jury highlights the continuous development and expansion of measures to promote equality at JGU, where equality and support for female staff and personnel of all institutional levels is regarded an essential cross-sectional task. "In many fields, outstanding activities have been implemented with sustained success," states the jury in their decision.

In the 2011 ranking of the Center of Excellence Women in Science (CEWS), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz was placed in the top group based on its proportion of female students and doctoral theses completed by women and due to the increase in the number of women among the academic and artistic staff and holding professorships (since 2004). "The tasks now is to secure our success and expand the path that we have already taken," says Silke Paul, JGU's Gender Equality Representative. "The key is to carry our outstanding figures of female graduate and PhD students over to professorship. We will therefore be paying particular attention to the so-called mid-career phase, i.e. the phase between the completion of the doctoral thesis and postdoctoral qualification." In order to open up the path into the world of science for as many highly qualified female PhD graduates as possible, JGU established a Coaching Center for Young Female Academics for support particularly in this phase. "Our aim is to ensure that women receive the best support possible in every phase of their career," states Paul. "That is why everyone involved at our university must take the specific support requirements of women and men into account when making decision.

TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. aims to establish and ensure sustainable equal opportunities for women and men in business. The main focus is on the advancement of women in leadership positions. In addition to the reconciliation of work and family life, TOTAL E-QUALITY is concerned with equal opportunities in personnel recruitment and development, the promoting a fair behavior at the workplace, and the consideration of equal opportunity in the principles of the organization.