Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz receives EUR 150,000 state grant for an international biotechnology guest laboratory

Boosting Mainz as a biotechnology hub and fostering international networking in the future field of biotechnology

15 November 2021

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) will establish a new biotechnology guest laboratory. Rhineland-Palatinate's Minister of Science, Clemens Hoch, recently visited the Gutenberg Campus to present the grant documents to the Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Professor Eckhard Thines. The EUR 150,000 state grant is dedicated for the establishment of a guest laboratory, thus further reinforcing Mainz's role as a biotechnology hub and expanding its international network in the growing field of biotechnology. The investments fall under the umbrella of the FORTHEM Alliance initiative at JGU.

"Mainz University is a crucial pillar in the expansion of Rhineland-Palatinate as a biotechnology hub. For the current legislative period, the state government has set itself the clear goal of promoting Rhineland-Palatinate as an international player in the field of biotechnology. The state grant for Mainz, already active on the biotechnology landscape, represents yet another piece to the puzzle. At the same time, international exchange is being actively promoted and research networks are given the support they need to grow and thrive," said Minister of Science Clemens Hoch.

Within the framework of the European Universities Initiative, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has established the FORTHEM Alliance over the last two years. JGU is coordinating the new and innovative network in cooperation with six other European universities. By establishing the guest laboratory, there is now a better opportunity to invite researchers to visit Mainz from the associated European universities to engage in joint biotechnology research projects.

Professor Eckhard Thines, Dean of the JGU Faculty of Biology, added: "The new guest laboratory represents yet another milestone on our path to internationalization, to promoting interdisciplinary work, and to reinforcing joint research projects in the field of biotechnology. It is a step toward opening up global career opportunities for our students." JGU is an excellent choice as the site for a guest laboratory due to its proximity to biotechnology resources such as the gene, drug, and extract banks at the Institute for Biotechnology and Drug Research (IBWF) located in Mainz. The specialized expertise available locally will make the guest laboratory all the more appealing for young researchers from all over the world.

The FORTHEM Initiative is based on the premise that the Europe's future and success lie in cross-border collaboration and exchange. The network aims to merge the partners' various mobility agreements, research programs, and double and multiple degree programs into a joint Transnational Higher Education Strategy. Beyond this, FORTHEM fosters European collaboration in programs such as FIT FORTHEM or joint initiatives in research programs such as Horizon Europe.