Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has the most students enrolled in chemistry in all of Germany

Statistical data published by the German Chemical Society proves the attractiveness of chemistry studies in Mainz


According to the survey "Chemistry Degree Programs in Germany – Statistical Data 2010," recently published by the German Chemical Society (GDCh), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) counts the most students enrolled in chemistry in Germany. A total of 1,150 students are taking courses at JGU in chemistry and biomedical chemistry; the majority of them are still seeking a Diplom degree. The restructuring to Bachelor's degree programs was completed by the end of the last winter semester. The University of Münster and the Technical University Berlin come in far behind Mainz with 825 and 815 students respectively. In terms of foreign students in the field of chemistry, Mainz came in third place with 6.2 percent. However, because teaching degree students are not included in the GDCh statistics, the actual number of students in chemistry is considerably higher.

"These figures clearly show that Mainz University is a very popular place to study chemistry – especially given that it also appears at the top of many international research rankings," says Dr. Ralf Eßmann, Head of the Dean's Office of Faculty 09: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences. "We are pleased with the recognition and trust the young students have given us." However, Eßmann also points out that JGU is currently already faced with enormous challenges given the large number of students enrolled. A new record number of enrollments is expected for the coming winter semester of 2011/12, since student numbers are unusually high now and will remain so in the following semesters due to a double intake of high school graduates and the elimination of conscription. Given such numbers, it is clear that the JGU Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences is faced with a huge challenge. This must be mastered without adversely affecting the education of our students. Part of the additional expenses incurred will be met by the Higher Education Pact so that JGU will be able continue to offer a professional education for chemists at its usual high standard.